Sensory-Friendly Dinners

Approximately once per month, with support from the Ridgewood Village Council and contributions by Ridgewood's STEPSS transitional program, the Ridgewood SEPAG sponsors a sensory-friendly dinner at a local restaurant.  These events offer an environment for families who would like to eat out together, but may require accommodations such as lower lighting, lower noise levels, understanding staff and patrons (should children need to move around or make a little noise), etc. to do so. The Ridgewood SEPAG offers activities for children at the dinners, such as coloring books, Wiki Stix, fidget toys, etc.

Below are links to Frequently Asked Questions about our sensory-friendly dinners and a social story (prepared by STEPSS students) about going out to eat.

Sensory-Friendly Dinner FAQs

FAQs - Ridgewood SEPAG Sensory-Friendly Dinners.pdf

Restaurant Social Story

Restaurant Social Story (1).pdf